About Us

We are a team committed volunteers dedicated to maintain, strengthen and improve the facilities of the Uruguayan Social & Sporting Club; Volunteers are the backbone of our institution and collaborating directly in all aspects and activities of the organisation.

Management, planning and the provision of services are delivered by volunteers. protecting and promoting the collective achievements and aiming to safeguard the space forged by our community and supporters in the socio-cultural and sporting fields of Australian society.

Also many professionals, service providers and outsourced tasks are obtained as pro-bono, at cost recovery and donation basis. We are committed to be an open, transparent and participatory organisation by strengthening community capacity. Goodwill, experience, talent and knowledge that contributes to the collective vision is welcome. Extending this great family which is the Click to enlarge Uruguayan Social & Sporting Club.

If you want to be part of our team, your participation will help us to propel us towards the future, as well as provide you with a rewarding experience.


  • Welcome to our Club’s new official web site!

    We are still uploading information to pages on this new site and we sincerely thank our members and guests for their patience as we continue with this work.